Under The Dome Debuts to Impressive 13.1 Million Viewers for Most Watched Summer Debut Since 2007

CBS’ TV series adaptation of the Stephen King novel Under the Dome scored some impressive ratings for its series debut last night (read Allison’s recap here). The show garnered a 3.2 rating in the coveted 18-49 demo, bringing in a whopping 13.1 million total viewers. That makes it the most watched summer debut since 2007’s The Singing Bee, and CBS’ most watched summer debut since 2000’s Big Brother, which scored a now-rare 22.3 million viewers. Despite some corniness here and there, the pilot episode proved rather promising by teasing fascinating characters and a very intriguing mythology angle.

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alycakes1760d ago

I missed it but sounds really good.

kingPoS1759d ago

Haven't gotten around to watching it yet. Is it any good?

StarWarsFan1759d ago

It's a good show. Nice tempo, mysterious, exciting.

hazelamy1758d ago

can't wait to watch it.
the book was amazing, the way the tension gradually builds, and there were some great characters.
Junior Rennie is a real piece of work.

and Channel 5 have got the rights for the UK showing so everybody can watch it for free.
the only problem is they haven't announced when they'll be showing it yet.
sooner rather than later hopefully.