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The cover suggests a trashy actioner. It's anything but. Turns out this is an introspective, patient and touching piece of political commentary. Part 'The International', part 'Death Wish', it has a controversial violent climax.

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Garethvk1821d ago

I have met and interviewed Uwe many times. He is a very nice and smart person. he even had me do walk on segments in Postal and far Cry. He has done some great drama like Tunnel Rats, Stoic, and Rampage. He said that you have to do the game movies to get the cash up to do the drama. He also did a great biopic on Box Max Schmelling which is now on Netflix, a truly captivating film.

jordan84451821d ago

I'm done with mainstream critics. I've missed too many good movies and sought too many turkeys because of them. On a personal level, I'm going to go through Boll's resume to see what else I missed. I don't expect greatness, but maybe another surprise or two.