Full Teaser For Agents OF S.H.I.E.L.D. Released


Following today’s earlier sneak peek, ABC Network recently aired a 30-second television promo for Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series, and it has now debuted online!

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Crazay1625d ago

Wow...All of a sudden...BOOM! It's everywhere

RetrospectRealm1625d ago

Hell yes, J. August Richards as Luke Cage.

Crazay1625d ago

I predict this show takes off like a freaking rocket for at least the first few episodes then who knows. I'm hopeful it manages to stay fun and fresh as well as captivating week in and week out.

calis1624d ago

This is meant to be pre-Avengers right?

Kingdom Come1624d ago

Post-Avengers. I personally am against Coulsan's revival, yes, he's an enjoyable character, but it takes away from the personality of the movie, the prospect that Nick continued to lie to the team...

ironfist921624d ago

Thats his style, that's what Nick does. Gotta take extreme measures to ensure the safety of the earth, hence why they had the nuclear rocket on the Helicarrier.

He really doesnt care about the heroes, and merely uses them as tools against any threats. Its evident in the avengers initiative.

Kingdom Come1623d ago

To claim he doesn't care about the heroes is hugely unjustified. Fury may ba calculated, but cold he is not. After Tony's successful manoeuvre of the nuclear missile everybody cheered in delight, but Nick looked mournful...

calis1623d ago

oh really. Be interesting how they talk about his 'revival'.

SephirothX211624d ago

Anything with Agent Smith in it, I'll watch.

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