The Croods 2 in the Works at DreamWorks Animation


DreamWorks Animation has started developing a sequel to The Croods, the March release which has made $386.6 million worldwide, has confirmed. The animated adventure, released by 20th Century Fox, has earned $144 million domestically and $242.6 million overseas.

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Crazay1834d ago

AWESOME! Loved this movie.

This is the first movie my daughter and I ever attended together at the actual theater so I'm all for a sequel.

ironfist921832d ago

Dreamworks makes excellent films, but then ruins them by running the franchise to the ground with too-soon sequels and spinoffs.

Sahil1829d ago

This looks like a copy of Ice Age 2! World melting, get to giant boat/hill to save us...*sigh* we need more originality, not originality coming out almost never.

aDDicteD1824d ago

Still haven't watched the first one yet. judging by having a early sequel announcement means that this one was good.