Independent Cinema - The Host Review

Independent Cinema writes: Moving slightly away from the romantic main plots for which we’ve come to know Stephenie Meyer, The Host delivers a politically-charged science fiction film, that still manages to get muddled up by complicated relationships. Meandering from scene to scene, pushing the runtime to an excruciating 125 minutes, Andrew Niccol manages to craft a world that one could get lost in. The unfortunate reality is that the script is so stilted and shallow that it is really hard to get into a world that is blocked off by inane dialogue and sub-par acting from most of its cast. Whatever political message the film might be trying to send about communism and rebellions, is lost in the romantic ramblings that plagued the Twilight series, and will seemingly plague all of Stephenie Meyer’s work for the foreseeable future.

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Hergula1896d ago

I really want to see it just because of the mixed reviews its getting.

aDDicteD1886d ago

Too bad this film has consistent low reviews and unsatisfying remarks.