How Marvel Established Itself as the Dominant Comic Book Film Brand

Planet Ivy: With cinemas littered with adaptations, sequels and re-boots, you might be tempted to think that film makers are running out of ideas. The top grossing films of 2012 were amongst this trend - The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, The Hunger Games, Skyfall and Breaking Dawn Part 2. Are film makers’ creative juices failing or are adaptations the best platform to make a great film for an already existing audience?

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crysister1874d ago

I can'r wait for the Wolverine film :})

gorillabiscuits1874d ago

For me, these films seem very repetitive- Dark Knight was an exception

appleandroid1874d ago

The last dark knight film was overly-wrong and just far too bleak..

moviewatcher1873d ago

Dark Knight was kinda more arthouse then superhero movie, fantastic though

KingPin1873d ago

Dark knight isnt marvel. its DC comics.

moviewatcher1873d ago

I know! So excited; looks amazing

RetrospectRealm1873d ago

I'm still a little 'ehhh' about the Wolverine film. Not satisfied yet.

appleandroid1874d ago

To be fair, it was always going to be Marvel..

KingPin1873d ago

compared to other action movies, all marvel movies seem too tame and lame.
the special effects are good but the stories are bleak.

i know they have to cater for a younger audience but there is an older generation that i think they need to cater for. make the movies gritty.

Hergula1873d ago

Marvel films are decent, very few are actually phenomenal

aDDicteD1866d ago

yes marvel makes numerous movies only some are phenomenal but there success is how persistently they believe on their brand and they keep selling it to the audience until they get it right.

Hergula1866d ago

You are right about that, and I agree.

Deku-Johnny1873d ago

It's easy to see how Marvel Studios is the dominant comic book film maker. Their films are excellently made, based on some of the best comic book characters ever and made by Marvel themselves who actually know about the characters and their stories.

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