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Hollywood is known for ripping open a wound into our childhood and allowing it to drip with the blood of remakes. Horror films seem to be the victim of choice as their low budget and seemingly lower expectations seem to scream profit to studios. With recent films like Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street Hollywood has sought out to recreate the tension and fear of the originals yet they never seem to strike the same chord. While remakes are currently littering the silver screen, there are a few films that seep through the cracks of hell and take the theme of a film from the past and reimagine it. Ladies and gentlemen, in no way shape or form is Evil Dead a remake. Evil Dead is a film that will make Sam Raimi proud, Bruce Campbell chuckle, and even the biggest deadite fan cringe with terror.

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Magnagamer2221205d ago

Looking forward to seeing this after the trailers. Bruce Campbell endorsed it so it's good enough for me.


Hes a producer on the movie why would he not??

awkwardhamster1205d ago

I'm only watching this because I hope they move on and remake army of darkness.

DarkBlood1204d ago

no chance for that but they are working on a script this summer for evil dead 4 with bruce campbell in it

DOOMZ1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Will be amazing...

NewJersian1205d ago

Looks like if you wanna break into the horror genre, remake a classic first. Not really a fan of horror too much but from what info and vids are out there, might have to give this one a look.

gamerlive1204d ago

This is one remake that improved on the original. The Evil Dead 2 though was always the better film.

spicelicka1204d ago

It didn't have the essence of the original films and it didn't even feel like a remake. It was more like a re-envisioning of the first film in the sense that it used similar scenes and the concept.

Other than that it was actually independent of the original evil dead. All that being said though, the direction they went with was probably the best thing they could do because trying to copy the classic would've been a disaster.

It was a reallyyy great and entertaining movie, i had a lot of fun watching it.

aDDicteD1195d ago

i agree copying the original would be an inevitable disaster, it would be impossible to replicate the performance of bruce campbell. the re envisioning and redoing some scenes are the best remedy in making this remake. and it worked in my opinion.

Sahil1204d ago

The original two Evil Dead movies introduced me to true horror and my favorite films of all time. This review makes me happy :)

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