Entertainment Fuse - Game of Thrones Review - Valar Dohaeris

Entertainment Fuse writes, "The season opener makes all the right moves to keep the momentum going from its stellar second season and also looks like it might improve upon the few plotlines that didn’t fully deliver last year."

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Simon_Brezhnev1719d ago

Liked the episode wish it was more action but i know we got to know where everybody at.

deathstriker1718d ago

The show has really never had a ton of action, it's more of a political drama in a fantasy world IMO.

Simon_Brezhnev1717d ago

Yeah i know. I like the political I'm just saying this episode basically showed you where everybody was at. I guess to refresh the viewer because i sure forgot. lol

I can't wait for the schemes though.

jarradshaw1718d ago

I really felt like this first episode was the intro needed for the new season and set up the new plots coming up in the future.