Actor Stephen Amell Talks CW Green Arrow

CW's Green Arrow hit the target with viewers and is about to hit the Bullseye with Injustice Gods Among Us. Stephen Amell talks about his experiences portraying Green Arrow on screen and digitally.

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awkwardhamster1851d ago

Didn't know he voiced inJustice.

Magnagamer2221851d ago

I was surprised and pleased that they took him into consideration for Green Arrow in InJustice. Shows that they care.

gamerlive1851d ago

Good interview and a great show.

alycakes1850d ago

I do love him in this part.

ironfist921850d ago

Woo! Cant wait for Injustice. As for a vdeo game based on Arrow? It could be terrible unless handled by a good developer, with plenty of time, alot of money, well thought out story, and how it ties into the TV show.

Alot of ifs, and no doubt there have been some crappy TV/Movie based games in the past.

Magnagamer2221848d ago

The game has been in the works for some time now and the trailers are looking amazing. The fact that they included him in the game is a good sign that they care about arrow fans.

StarWarsFan1849d ago

He does a great job in this show. The role is a solid fit for him.