The GOTDead Podcast - This Sorrowful Life

GOTD writes: With only one episode to go we are quickly racing to the finish line for this third season finale and tonight's episode was both a good lead in to the eventual confrontation between Woodsbury and the Prison and also a great episode for any fans of Merle out there. There weren't too many surprises in this episode but there were plenty of great character moments that helped make the wait for the inevitable just a little bit easier. Hear what the three of us had to say about this latest episode of The Walking Dead and then join us next week for the season finale and season wrap up episode of The GOTDead Podcast. Featured music is from the soundtrack for "The Walking Dead" television show.

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aDDicteD1849d ago

This sorrowful life episode was really great. It's sad to see someone Died. This episode was one of the best this season!