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Aaron Ploof from Sticky Shoe Review writes:

The playfulness of this script cannot be denied. A lot of fun was had here; Carrel and Carrey play their roles to the maximum. It’s just gosh darn funny to see Carrel cry like a baby in a “hot-box” that’s 50 feet in the air, and witness Jim Carrey do some of the most idiotic stunts in the world: Burning “Happy Birthday” into your forearm by way of lit candles is a trick no one should try at home (seriously, don’t do it). This a fun script, and it gets even more entertaining and outragoeus as it goes on.

"But it’s still an average movie. I hate to say it, but the turnaround Carrel’s character makes comes too late in the film. Nay, it’s not so much that it comes too late, but rather that there’s no reason to root for him to change until he actually starts changing. If you’re going to make a capital jerk your main character, you at least have to give him some redeeming qualities from the outset; you have to allow your audience to see his humanity. We aren’t allowed to do that here."

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StarWarsFan1911d ago

I think Jim Carrey could use this character in his own spin-off. He can really carry a movie like Steve Carrel can't.

Sahil1911d ago

Just saw this movie tonight and LOVED it.
The second they said that Steve Gray's show was called "Brain Rapist", I died.