The Big Bang Theory: "The Closet Reconfiguration": IGN Review

"The Closet Reconfiguration" might be my favorite episode of this season of The Big Bang Theory. I'm not even sure I can entirely put my finger on the reason. It was consistently amusing, but not necessarily rip-roaringly funny at any point. It had a healthy dose of drama, but nothing too terribly earth-shattering in the end. It was just the rare installment that managed to spotlight all the main characters more or less equally and delivered a plot that really capitalized on the close, collective relationship they've built up over the course of the series. The show hit on a similar "absentee father" note to last week's belated Thanksgiving episode of Community, but I'd actually give Big Bang Theory the edge in this match-up.

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alycakes1927d ago

This does fall into the top 10 for me. It was the greatest since the one when the girls challenged the boys. I loved it.

Sahil1925d ago

So it is just me who thinks TBBT is getting boring these days.

alycakes1925d ago

Maybe it isn't just you but for me a lot of sitcoms have just gone down hill recently and I like this one because it still makes me laugh. Yes, they are silly but it's clean humor compared to so much of what's out there and I enjoy watching them.