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Sherlock to Begin Filming Season 3; Director Jeremy Lovering to Replace Paul McGuigan

Two of Britain’s best recent miniseries are finally gearing up for new seasons: on the heels of Idris Elba‘s psychological crime drama Luther‘s third season announcement, there has now finally been confirmation of a new series of the BBC One hit Sherlock as well. Though Sherlock was more of a “when, not if” scenario (with writing taking place, reportedly, near the end of last year), its stars have been busy with other projects – Benedict Cumberbatch has been in Germany filming the Wikileaks movie The Fifth Estate, while Martin Freeman has been filming The Hobbit trilogy.

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alycakes1924d ago

I wonder why? I hope the show doesn't suffer because of the change....I'm sure the actors are good enough to carry the show anyway.

calis1923d ago

As long as Gatsis and the other guy are involved it will be fine.

Can't wait though, best show on TV

StarWarsFan1923d ago

Wow, has it already been two seasons of this show? Time flies.

Simon_Brezhnev1922d ago

Hope it comes back soon because elementary is pure trash.