The Death of Cliffhangers?

Planet Ivy: Dickens serialised his novels over 150 years ago and we have become happily accustomed to digesting weekly snippets of a longer tale. This ache to know what happens next is epitomised by the “Who shot JR?” furore of the 1980s. But since then, the walls have melted.

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mrtechnology1899d ago

House of cards has been amazing. I don't think cliffhangers are going anywhere soon.

jimmyofages1898d ago

H.O.C. is okay, massively overhyped and wooden performances from Kevin Spacey

jameshodges1898d ago

Sopranos ending sucked BECAUSE there was no cliffhanger, in my opinion..

mrtechnology1898d ago

At least it ended the 'will there be another series' speculation..

jimmyofages1898d ago

I liked the imagination that he may or may not have lived, was different

appleandroid1898d ago

The creator said 'Tony Soprano had everything in the world anyone could want, but was still unhappy' and I think the ending tied into that

appleandroid1898d ago

Who shot JR has to be the most amazing cliffhanger, with a frankly bizarre explanation..