Top 10 Revenge Movies: Stories Best Served Cold

Movie Fanatic:
As a stellar revenge flick storms into theaters, Dead Man Down, Movie Fanatic is looking back. We're naming our favorite revenge movies in recent memory. It's a tricky thing capturing retribution on film. Solid cinematic payback has to play out slowly over the course of the film until that fateful confrontation that has the audience cheering.

As teased in the Dead Man Down trailer, the Colin Farrell starring film does it right. In fact, that film may even be on our list! Without further ado... here's the Movie Fanatic Top 10 Revenge Movies.

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JL1934d ago

I like that Memento is up there. That's easily one of my all-time favorites movies. Top 5, actually.

Don't like seeing V for Vendetta so low, though. That movie is absolutely great. I'd definitely rank it above some that are ranked above it here.

Leon: The Professional should be mentioned too.

alycakes1933d ago

The Professional is number 3 on the wouldn't be a good revenge list without was a pretty good list though. I agree with Memento...loved it.

JL1933d ago

Oh, completely looked over it then. I'll jist go take my foot out of my mouth now lol

coolbeans1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Same here. Memento still stands as one of my favorite movies.

Seeing Count of Monte Cristo listed as a nominee makes me wish to see a 'pure' adaptation of that book in the near future. As it stands, Monte Cristo is (currently) my favorite fictional novel.

aDDicteD1924d ago

i like memento and kill bill being on top of the list. However there is one particular movie that also came to my mind when mentioning revenge films and that would easily be included and that would be Oldboy.