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The Daily Rotation - Flight Blu-ray Review

Colton of The Daily Rotation wrote, "In his first live-action feature since 2000’s Cast Away, director Robert Zemeckis has painted a dark portrait of addiction and deep characterization of one that has lost just about everything in his life because of it. In the 138-minute running time, we’re reminded that addiction can cause a life to fade into total despair. In most films that center its focus on addictive characters, there’s always a glimmer of hope that they’ll recover. There’s no such glimmer of hope in Flight. The film showcases addiction as relentless. At times it’s unsettling to witness a character’s self-destruction for a drink and his complete avoidance of identifying himself as an addict. There’s no doubt that this is heavy dramatic material. The screenplay, written by John Gatins, exemplifies how compulsiveness and addictive tendencies has its own set of consequences."

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