Arrow: "Dead to Rights": IGN Review

Well, that was a pretty eventful episode. "Dead to Rights" was a culmination of many of the ongoing plot threads in Arrow to date, featuring the return of several key villains and the start of a war between Moira Queen and Malcolm Merlyn. It was also the first episode to be written solely by DC mainstay Geoff Johns, and he didn't disappoint.

One of Johns' more obvious talents in his comic projects is an ability to flesh out villain characters and make them as sympathetic, if not more so, than the heroes they oppose. I never cared much for Sinestro in the Green Lantern comics, but thanks largely to Johns' long tenure on the book, Sinestro now ranks among my favorite comic book characters. There was a similar emphasis on Malcolm this week.

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alycakes1876d ago

Another great one...I don't think this show is ever going to get old to me.

calis1876d ago

Awesome episode. Best of the season so far.

vanethe1875d ago

the concept was nice but the dialogue is stupid