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The Big Bang Theory: "The Monster Isolation": IGN Review

If anything has become apparent about the general status quo of The Big Bang Theory this season, it's that Raj is the character with the most entertainment value and the one with the most room for growth. Everyone else has found a significant other and is in the slow process of settling down, but Raj is still adrift in a sea of loneliness and garlic butter sauce. Last week's Valentine's episode offered a ray of light as Raj was approached by an actual, living, breathing girl named Lucy (Kate Micucci) and embarked on a date. The oddly titled "The Monster Isolation" picked up right where "The Tangible Affection Proof" left off and documented Raj's descent into madness following his botched date.

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alycakes1882d ago

It was so funny with Raj. This was a great one that was a lot about him and maybe he will finally have a girlfriend.

The other part with Sheldon and Penny was hysterical as usual...I love it when they get together.