Inescapable: ShockYa Movie Review

ShockYa: When we read about scores, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of Syrians dying during the current civil war in that mysterious country, we recognize that these are just numbers, statistics. What could make these figures hit home, of course, would be to hone in on just one of the victims. What does a person’s death, disfigurement or disappearance mean to that individual’s loved ones? Ruba Nadda takes on that theme with “Inescapable,” graphically illustrating what happens to the father of a young woman, a photographer by trade, who turns up missing in Damascus. He’s not terrified; he takes action. Unlikely that it is for a Canadian to travel to that country with a paranoid government and security forces, writer-director Nadda draws on something even weirder. The devoted dad, who had left his native country for Toronto, Canada, and is now a well-to-do computer engineer, had been tried in absentia in Syria for spying for Israel and sentenced to death. Would you go to a country that would presumably torture and execute you, even in the service of finding your missing daughter?

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