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Zac Elawar from Capsule Computers wrote:

Jack Reacher is a film adaptation of the 9th novel in a series of 17 written by author Lee Child. The novel went by the title of “One Shot” and was originally released in 2005. The character was written as 6’5″ and 220-odd pounds, so when Tom Cruise was cast, many people voiced their trepidation. I wasn’t familiar with the novels, so I didn’t come into the screening with any preconceived notions or expectations. So, with all that said, is Jack Reacher a ‘one shot’ kill? Read on to find out.

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masterabbott1793d ago

this is one movie that interest me enough to go see.

LinkageAX1793d ago

Tom cruise at his best?

JoMO1792d ago

No, that would be Tropic Thunder.

Bathyj1792d ago

Hated that movie. But Tom Cruise was fkn awesome.

LinkageAX1791d ago


seanpitt231792d ago

I have always liked Tom cruise I will watch anything he stars in

aviator1891791d ago

I agree. He's a great actor.

chukamachine1791d ago

He's a decent actor, shame about that stupid crap he supports.


ssb31731786d ago

I actually expected this movie to be kinda bad but once again Tom Cruise has proved me wrong, one of the best actors out there.