Homeland: "The Clearing" Review | IGN

Full spoilers follow.

Brody's always wanted to do what's right. That said, the question is what is right? He joined the Marines and shipped out to the war, presumably, to fight the good fight. After his years of captivity and conditioning under the sway of Abu Nazir, he still thought he was doing right in his attempt to assassinate Vice President Walden. And this week, in "The Clearing," he again tries to choose the noble path when he takes Dana to the police to report her hit and run.

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ReconHope2045d ago

Carrie must feel like shit after trying to comfort him sexually twice now and being turned down.

timmyp532045d ago

Hey it wasn't necessarily sexual. It was more to make herself feel better imo. Plus she really likes him for some reason.

ReconHope2045d ago

I remember when she tried it with Saul. It reminded me when she was in the car with Brody and put her hand on him.

timmyp532045d ago

In that instance yeah it was a bit uncalled for.