The Avengers Gets the Firefly Opening Credits Treatment

From TMP:

Since Joss Whedon was announced to be the director for The Avengers, people have been creating various kinds of mash-ups using the Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Whedon's own iconic characters. However, this new one combining the opening credit sequence for Firefly, may be the best yet.

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alycakes1768d ago

That just brought back so many good memories...I'm going to have to watch my 14 episodes of Firefly followed by Serenity sometime soon. I really miss those guys.

Kurylo3d1767d ago

yea one of my favorite shows ever, the fact that its only got 1 season is just sad, but itll never be continued since all the actors moved on.

Just a great universe with cool technology and themes.

aDDicteD1759d ago

that was very nicely done

hilyou1758d ago

That was amazing. It really made me smile. Now for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer treatment. Who else loves the Buffy theme song?