British Superhero Series ‘Misfits’ Heading To Logo

Screen Rant:
The acclaimed British superhero drama Misfits is finally finding its American home on the Viacom-owned network Logo. Starting July 19th, Logo will roll out the first six episodes, but the network has also obtained the rights for all four seasons of the BAFTA-winning show. Misfits has already been a hit with some U.S. fans on Hulu Plus, but hasn’t had a network airing until now due to the foul language and somewhat dirty brand of British humor.

The series centers on a group of teen delinquents who suddenly acquire supernatural powers after a freak electrical storm. While dropping super powers into the laps of young offenders is not usually how heroes are formed, the teens come together when they realize they aren’t the only ones who’ve been affected by the mysterious storm.

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alycakes2205d ago

I wonder if this is any good? Is there anyone out there that has seen this show?

KILLERAPP2205d ago

Is an awesome show, is incredibly funny...

alycakes2204d ago

Thanks...I'll have to look into it and see if I can watch some of the first shows to check it out.