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Aftershock Review | Bone-idle

901d ago - Bone-Idle Writes "Aftershock sets itself up with a Hangover-esque tone and story, only to pull th... | Indie film

Aftershock Review | Clickonline

911d ago - Clickonline writes: "Aftershock is an uneasy experience and far from essential viewing, even for... | Cinema

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Aftershock Review - Leviathyn

996d ago - Unlike most recent horror movies that start out with an ensemble cast of characters, I actually l... | Cinema

Aftershock Review | LRA

998d ago - LRA writes: It's an interesting mixture of genres, using a natural disaster such as an earthquake... | VOD

The LRA Show Ep. 101 - The Great Gatsby

1004d ago - LRA writes: Hey there to all of our listeners (you do exist...right?), do we have a great show fo... | Cinema

Aftershock Review: Best Horror Movies

1007d ago - Best Horror Movies says "Aftershock shows how Eli Roth might pull off a reverse Ben Affleck and s... | Indie film

Aftershock Review | Den of Geek

1009d ago - You have to credit Eli Roth and Nicolas López. It takes cojoñes to make a horror film out of the... | Cinema

Interview: Eli Roth

1030d ago - Horror auteur Eli Roth talks Aftershock, The Last Exorcism Part 2 and his forthcoming cannibal mo... | Cinema

Aftershock Starring Eli Roth Official Trailer

1147d ago - In Chile, an American tourist's vacation goes from good to great when he meets some beautiful wom... | Cinema

China Film 'Aftershock' Rules Domestic Box Office

2011d ago - BEIJING — Disaster drama "Aftershock" has set the all-time domestic box office record for a Chine... | Cinema
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