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And my opinion is that your opinion is trash.

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The article is completely wrong.

The Hunt is a satirical look a the conspiracy laden right(er) wing of American politics.

In the film, billionaire elitist liberals hunt down "deplorable" right wing conservatives.

According to the article: "violence against them has been legalised."

Nope. The Hunt is a caged hunt on the billionaires land. It is secretive, not "legalised."

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His Figurines aren't really that high of quality. He made dragons years ago and I was so excited to get one because they look amazing.

Then you get it delivered and it is rubber and plastic. It's pieced together with naught to keep gravity from making the wings fall off, or the dragons fall off the stand.

It was the Berzerker Dragon vs Human Attacker Box Set.

Utter disappointment.

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Just to reiterate. The best movies of the DCEU are all animated.

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So is Unbreakable.

And despite 6th Sense being a meme now, it was amazing when it launched and no one knew what the heck was going on.

Even today it is cinematically amazing.

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She looks pretty badass.

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Why didn't your god make them better? Clearly, this god has no imagination.

All he does when he screws up is throw a temper tantrum and then destroy everyone, including babies.

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Hollywood is now closed. They are completely out of original content.

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Teen Titans Go is the best DCMU movie out. Before that it was Christian Bale's Bat. Before that... Micheal Keaton's Bat. Before that.. Adam West's Bat.

EDIT: Bonus: Gotham is also good.

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It's called Titans, not Teen Titans... dumbass.

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It's Boy Wonder. Seriously, if you don't know GTFO.

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1) It already is.
2) It already is.
3) It already is.

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Maybe, but Belle and Aurora have since had non animated titles.

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True. This week it did break even though. I just got back on here after a week, and boy are the trolls hard at work.

Anyway, thanks for the reply Gareth, always a pleasure.

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"Lol, maybe you should know what you're talking about before commenting. "

And we're done. Another internet expert here to enlighten everyone on how things worked because he "googled" it or found it on Wikipedia. Gee, those sources can't be right.

Budget includes marketing whether you think it does or not. Thus ends the conversation with the internet expert. Enjoy your expertise, expert. "Lol, maybe you should know w...

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Well, it already succeeded. Bigger openings than Ready Player One and A Quiet Place (or are those failures too? I can never quite figure out the internet.)

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Budget includes marketing. I don't know where that comes from, I have heard it so many times on here that I can't place where it originated.

It's weird. I think it is usually used by the "journos" that collectively decide what are failures, despite box office success.

Consider that Solo is sitting 20 million behind Ready Player One, which no one said failed, and 70 million behind a quiet place, which has had a month and a half head ...

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Uh. It's been one week.

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Shhh... stop using facts. This isn't the place for facts! The "journos" already decided that this movie would be a "bust." But, since it is sitting at #6 of 2018 movies after only one week, well, they need to have their LIES become clicks, don't they?

Utter garbage.

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