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FilmWatch's 50 Favorite Directors

Well the votes are in and the results have been compiled. From Christopher Nolan to Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese, to Romero and Craven, to Fellini and Kurosawa. Find out who your fellow FilmWatchers voted as the top 50 directors of all-time.

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Sahil4059d ago

Moral of the story: People on FW.. really like Nolan!

JL4059d ago

lol Who doesn't? He really is one of the greatest around today.

I think the bigger moral of the story is: the FW crowd seems to be largely mid-20 to 30 when it comes to age. I think the top ones are very telling of the demographic here.

Sahil4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Well.. I used to hate batman, he made me like him.. but I love him.

drdistracto7074058d ago

I happy how they worded the title

it is film watches "favorite"
nice and unbiased, just how it should be

on another note, Nolan is great, but not number one to me

my number one is shared between Kubrick and PT Anderson
with the coens and tarantino at number two

JL4058d ago

Yea, I like to stress that this is "Favorite" and not "Best". The two are definitely different for me.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34058d ago

Why though? All pretensions aside, shouldn't your favorite of something be considered the best, at least in regards to you?

ThatArtGuy4058d ago

Not necessarily. You can respect someone's work, but not like it. Conversely, you can like something, but know that it's devoid of any real merit.

JL4058d ago

ThatArtGuy summed it up right there. Examples: I understand what a technical "marvel" Citizen Kane is(was) but the movie itself I found kinda boring and would never put on my favorites. Boondocks Saints I know is rather cliche and nothing impressive from a technical standpoint, but I enjoy the hell out of it.

Michael Bay: really only adept at making big explosions, but I enjoy most of his movies. Whereas someone like Sergio Leone, I understand his contribution to the world of cinema, but since I was never huge on Westerns, he wouldn't be one of my favorites.

Yes, my list of favorites and bests are going to have overlap, but there's a definite difference.

alycakes4057d ago

Very well said JL. My feelings exactly. Some of the best have made some of the most boring movies out there today. But...they had and have a vision that others don't.

Like you I enjoy some of these action knock down shoot em up films just for the fun of watch them because they're fun to watch. All movies don't have to be classics to be good.