FilmWatch's Top 50 Movies

The results are in for our inaugural edition of monthly features which allow you, the FilmWatch community, to let your voice be heard. This month the community got to rank their favorite movies of all-time, now we've got the results and the Top 50 compiled here.

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JL2919d ago

All very good movies. Quite a varied selection as well. Even have some classics in there such as 12 Angry Men and 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Even had a few surprise movies: Pan's Labyrinth, Grandma's Boy (not that I don't highly recommend it, just didn't realize it was that popular), Gran Turino, Superbad.

All good movies, though.

ShAkKa2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Gran Turino was awesome,what surprised me most about the movie is how fun it was.

JL2919d ago

Oh I'm not saying it wasn't a good movie. I loved it. Just seems "odd" for a Best Movies of All-Time list.

newn4gguy2919d ago

The Departed?
Grandma's Boy?
The Bourne Trilogy?

I'm...raging pretty hard.

JL2919d ago

What's wrong with those movies? Well I know why you're mad about Inception. They're all good movies, though.

I will agree that Hellboy (both of them) are better than Pan's Labyrinth.

Senden2919d ago

Hellboy better than Pan's Labyrinth? Noway! Each to their own I guess but I was blown away by Pan's Labyrinth.. one of best movies I've seen in the last 10 years.

Castor2919d ago

Pan's Labyrinth beats the pulp out of Hellboy any day for me too ;)

newn4gguy2919d ago

There's nothing wrong with those movies.

I just think putting them in a top 50 is a bit ridiculous.

The Bourne Trilogy is generic action. I mean...GENERIC!!!

JL2919d ago

I think the Bourne Trilogy was actually something of a breath of fresh air to the action genre. Sure it did nothing new, but it did it with a..."freshness".

Defectiv3_Detectiv32919d ago

The Bourne Trilogy is a breath of fresh air - action movies are so incompetent these days.

ShAkKa2918d ago

I haven't seen Grandma's boys but the other five are pretty damn good movies, especially The Departed.

newn4gguy2919d ago

Del Toro's best movie is Hellboy 2. Pan's Labyrinth is good, but seriously?

Defectiv3_Detectiv32919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I gotta say I love HB2 as well, probably more than TDK (which came both came out right at the same time but that's another discussion).

The big critisicm most people seem to have against HB2 is that it's so derivative of GDT's previous work in Blade2. When you think about it, the two are pretty similar. The evil prince, the love story between the princess and one of our heroes, and so on and so forth.

Twiky2919d ago

Not a bad list??! Of ALL time best movies?? Where's 'Oldboy'? 'Un prophète'? OMFG where's 'Godfather'?? Just to name a few that I can think of in this state of perplexity! Do those people like cinema in the first place?? 'Kickass' before '2001'!!!!!! 'Aliens' instead of 'Alien', the world is doomed.

Don't get me wrong, I like (love even) most of the movies in the list, and it would even be a good best 'popcorn-movies for the movie going starter' list (with some oddities that a previous poster noted) but come on, all time...

I'll be sure not to join this community anytime soon, maybe when I'm older and lost the rest of my faith in humanity eh eh.


JL2919d ago

You have to remember, this is a favorites list, not a best movies of all-time list. As for the order. Many of these tied and thus the order on the bottom half of them doesn't necessarily mean the ones before it were voted better.

But yes, this is "favorite" not "best". Huge difference. Oh, and Oldboy is overrated. I'd pick Goodfellas over Godfather any day too.

Twiky2919d ago

Don't get me started on the Vengeance trilogy plz, I just thought 'Oldboy' to be more famous ;)

And the movies I favor are the best for me, no difference there, but I see what you mean I guess, it's not far from my 'popcorn' argument maybe.

Oh well, life goes on anyway,


Crazay2919d ago

Still haven't been able to bring myself to watch The Godfather yet but I would have to agree with JL on GoodFellas. That movie was amazing. If ever it's on TV, I'm usually watching it.

-MD-2919d ago

What's with the Pan's Labyrinth hate in here? It should have made the top 10 instead of the last spot on the list imo.

Senden2919d ago

Agreed! It was one of the most refreshing movies I've ever seen. Like an adult fairy tale.

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