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My Journey to Find Work in the Film Industry

Now that I have started this now bound to be infamous blog, I thought I should let you know how far I have come so far...including a very exciting and inspirational event presented by Channel 4.

Getting Started:

Once I had discovered my career destiny I found a list of the best creative media companies in the South West. I sent speculative e-mails and CVs to a number of these companies. I ended up sending and phoning applications to be a media runner or work experience with around 50 companies in and around the Bristol region.

A few weeks later and I got my very first interview, with a company listed 71st on the list of the top 100 best south west creative companies, this interview was to be a media runner. I went into it feeling aprehensive, unknown what to expect and came out feeling excited, enthused, inspired and relaxed. Despite not getting the role I came out of the interview like I never had done before, I felt happy, I felt I had without doubt found the industry I want to work in, I didn't feel like I had to 'bend the truth' in the interview, I just let my passion speak for itself.

It is this passion that got me and interview with the 13th best creative company in the southwest, Icon Films, so much so that not only did I get an interview I made it down to the final 4 applicants where I was told to have the strongest ICT skills out of all 4 applicants, only the experience was lacking. I did not get this role but again, left feeling ever stronger.

Just as I thought things could not get any better, I returned to find an e-mail inviting me to an open day with the 5th best creative company in the south west, and the best for TV and Film, this was for a 6 month placement , unfortunatly I was unable to attend but again, my mood was lifted as a career in media seemed to be a very plausible path.

And then came the application to 4Talent...

4 Talent
I applied for an event held by Channel 4, or more precisely 4Talent. The event to be help in Manchester on the 17th September 2011 was limited to 100 places. During the application process we were asked to give information on our goals and how the event could help our careers.

I received an e-mail a week or 2 after the closing date informing me of my successful application to the event, of course I immediatly made travel arrangements, travelling up from Bristol to Manchester via Megabus for 5 hours, staying overnight at a hotel in the centre and getting a train back the following night.

The event came around quickly and the long journey (in more ways than one) began. It was situated in the Zion Arts Centre near the center if Manchester, the event started at 1pm where the 100 of us who were accepted to the event met in a large hall, we all found a table to sit on where groups of 5/6 of us discussed and talked for an hour what to expect and our experiences so far. I was the only one of our group who was a complete media novice. With this information it made me very proud to be accepted to such an event with little media experience.

A lecture began soon after on how to increase our digital online footprint, networking and where to take the next step in finding a career in the industry. The lecture lasted over an hour, and after taking notes, found the enthusiasm and passion increase even more, I could not wait to get started. After the lecture a careers far took place with 8 companies providing advice and information on the future of the media workforce, I took information on possible schemes to get involved in and the work experiences available, within Channel 4, work experience is offered at 1-2 week intervals, only those who attended the event are able to apply, which I did soon after getting back from Manchester. I hope to hear back soon.

This blog is the first step since then to really knuckle down and prove to everyone that I have the ability and dedication to make this work.

And I will.

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Prophet-Gamer2247d ago

Good read and the best of luck to you man. It's refreshing to see someone with great determination. It's more and more people nowadays are happy just sitting down and doing nothing or just plain and simple giving up.

CPO2247d ago

We at CPO also would like to wish you luck in this ever changing industry. Cheers.