Falling Skies Lands on Blu-ray

IGN - Warner Home Video will release the popular TNT sci-fi series, Falling Skies on Blu-ray and DVD on June 5, 2012. The show follows a group of survivors attempting to band together and fight back in the wake of a massive alien invasion.

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Soldierone2063d ago

Is this a good show? I never bothered to sit down and watch it, but always meant to at some point.

Blink_442063d ago

It's good, kinda of slow but good

Soldierone2063d ago

Is it slow to the point of getting boring? Or is it like The Walking Dead and just makes you keep wondering what will happen?

Blink_442062d ago

I'll have to watch it again

miamicanesruleall2062d ago

I gave this show a chance and watched the first four episodes. It is dreadful. It is far too predictable and formulaic. The actors and actresses turn in wooden, hollow performances and the script/plot is a complete joke. I have no idea how someone who isn't brain dead could enjoy this show.