It's Official: Lionsgate Buying 'Twilight' Studio Summit Entertainment

The deal means the privately owned studio behind the hit "Twilight" movie franchise will now be part of the mini-conglomerate that will release "The Hunger Games" in March.

Lionsgate announced Friday it has closed its leveraged buyout of Summit Entertainment in a deal for $412.5 million in cash and stock and the assumption of Summit’s $500 million debt.

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alycakes2201d ago

It's amazing how much debt a movie studio gets into after all...even though they make all that money when movies come out. They need to learn how to make movies a little cheaper like they used to in the past.

MinimeJer052200d ago

I'm curious to see what this means. Will Lionsgate switch focus from cheap horror to everything? Summit has released some good stuff lately like 50/50 and The Hurt Locker.

alycakes2200d ago

I think they'll have an opportunity to do better things now.

SnakeCQC2200d ago

get ready for saw meets twilight :)

iceman29292200d ago

bahahaha "sawlight... now all you see is darkness."

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