A Look Back At RoboCop, The Demented Love-Child Of C-3PO And Rambo

Robocop. Part man. Part machine. All cop - except for how he eats baby food instead of doughnuts. We look back at the 1987 classic.

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zerocarnage327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

To start off, there is alot in the 80's films a d before that simply wouldnt be put in today's films today because of how much red tape has been put up or because as soon as something starts of people's radars that is it there crying about it and making way to big of a deal.

I used to watch alot of horror and action films at the age of 9 and up and it never did me any wrong but there has been those isolated incidents where kids are not taught that its not real and they take it to the next level.

Now I'm a parent and while I monitor what my son watches so I know what he's watching, I always make it clear be it video game or film or whatever he's paying attention to that it's not real or never to be acted out. And yeah I said I do monitor him, he is 13 now but I let him watch/play some +18 content but I always keep an eye on him so I can give him his punishment if he were to try act it out, which he doesn't. I do agree some +18 stuff out there is way to much though for a kid and my son knows to ask before he watches it, I'll take one film for instance (I spit on your grave) the title doesn't give much away apart from it shouts out death is happening, but if watch it it's pretty sick and twisted despite the female gets her revenge. Now when I say I monitor my kid with +18 content if he asked to watch (i spit on your grave) it'd be a straight noooo and for obvious reasons, pretty much like Texas chainsaw massacre.

Some films, games carry sensitive subjects that a child shouldn't be seeing in the way that it can be carried out through them and it's best to tell them that it's wrong than be letting them watch it played out in front of there eyes. I also won't let my child play or watch anything I havnt as I need to know all about it before I can say yeah to him, films like dawn of the dead- old or new he knows zombies are not real despite the gruesome kills, old action films like Rambo, cyborg, red heat, commando, blood sport, kickboxer, lethal weapon, universal soldier he could watch them all day long.

It can be a very fine line at times as to what is acceptable and what isn't, especially these days, but they did get away with alot more back then than what they do now, to the point the humour is alot better in 70's and 80's films to what it is now.

I remember police accadamy, can't remember the age rating but didn't think it was high and think kids could watch that easy, but yet there's alot of racial lines in the film with a fair amount of female nude scenes with breasts out, now days that'd be straight 18+ soon as a female has her breasts out..

I will also say this as kids they do need to be treated as learners, I certainly do not think kids these days learn enough rite or wrong because to much red tape is put in place, example of this would be to use films or games, parents are so scared to let there kids see nudity or sex scenes but yet if watch it with them it can be a very educational time for a child teaching how to respect a female, how to not disrespect a female or viva versa, kids do need to learn about the birds and the bees. Kids can also learn alot from films/games and while above I said some sensitive subjects are a bit much for a kid at a hound age, some can also be addressed if it isn't to bad and they can learn from the parent.

But it's easy for me to say all this, I have no doubt there's alot of parents who'd think bad of me for saying I let my kid near some 18+ content, but there approach is different to mine and all I know is what works for once child doesn't really mean it would work for another and tighter restrictions may or may not have to be put in place.

But yeah good read on the article and it would be nice to read more from you..

zerocarnage327d ago

I mean the old Robocop films touch on alot subjects, a robot drug addict who goes on the rampage, all those crazy adverts,while judge dread deals in a group that are cannibals as well as all the fascist setting dread has. I would even say the first starship troopers with all there crazy adverts and they too have a bit of a fascist way,( join the army to get citzanship or your not a citizan till you have fought the bugs).

There's a ton of 80's and early to mid 90's films that kids would've watched that parents these days just wouldn't let there kid anywhere near, yet there happy for them to run riot on the streets so long as they're out there hair, makes sense that one rite??

The running man, a film turned into a tv game show where arnie Schwarzenegger gets fitted up for slaying civilians and gets thrown into this game for a fight for his life against the game shows killers or should I say icons. The running man has more to it than that but it certainly says how much the media can turn into giants and how it runs the world as well as fabricating fraudulent eveidence all while a fascist police force puts into play death camps with exploding collars around prisoners necks and who in turn supports the game show.

Another film would be Death Race, mowing down civilians getting points or taking each other out, sounds like whacky races cartoon bit it's far more than that because the prison industry is in political power and in control where they use the inmates for a violent tv show and they drag in even innocent people and frame them for all sorts alone with violent criminals. It would say alot about society if something like that ever happened, and while it's enjoyable you can still vision it all and see how wrong it would all be in the world if it really existed.