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The Reason Why Luke Trains Rey Has Been Revealed (Spoilers)

The visual dictionary for The Last Jedi has leaked. The The Reason Why Luke Trains Rey Has Been Revealed, and it's not why you may think.

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guywazeldatatt130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

This is REALLY cool. It's not a major spoiler, but, I actually think it's super super cool and so in-character for Luke.

The_Devil_Hunter129d ago

This is awesome dude, thanks for sharing this. Im watching it at 10pm on the west here. Can't wait for the 14th.

guywazeldatatt129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Your welcome! I know more but it’s way too big to share with anyone.

I’m doing the same but 10:30! They have assigned seats here and I need to sit towards the back bc of my eyes

TheSuperiorGamer130d ago

Wow. That's really cool. I love it!

guywazeldatatt130d ago

It's a very logical reason and honestly, regardless of how broken Luke may be, it shows he is still the hero we all know and love.

emiyaxtousaka130d ago

Honestly the 14th can't come soon enough (7pm showing out west). I'm staying away from big spoilers but this doesn't seem too bad. And it's really really awesome, as said. Great job!

guywazeldatatt130d ago

That's the only reason I posted it. I'm sitting on some stuff that's actually pretty huge but I refuse to post it. But this is a nice snippet for those who are excited for the film, and it's a great throwback. It works well so why not?

andyarttv130d ago

Not reading this. I will watch the film first.

guywazeldatatt129d ago

that's fine. it's why it's marked spoilers and why even in the meta description and the first 100 words there is no mention of anything that can spoil.

dauntingpixel129d ago

Can you pointy headed dolts maybe NOT try and ruin the movie for the rest of us?

guywazeldatatt129d ago

lol. it's labeled spoilers, first 100 words says nothing about it. meta description says nothing about it. yet it's ruining the movie.

blame the visual dictionary being leaked. but you don't have to read it.