After Suicide Squad, WB Should Look to Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy


In the wake of Suicide Squad's rushed production, Adam argues Warner Bros. needs to learn a big lesson from Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy.

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-Foxtrot713d ago

Urm no...they really don't

Nolans Dark Knight Trilogy despite being amazing is their problem. They keep trying to be like it and borrow things from it but it dosen't fit this Universe and because of this they've laid down a horrible foundation which no matter what they do they won't be able to change.

Honestly after three let downs I think it's time they scrap everything, reboot it after Justice League and build the world up slowly with new actors and a new tone/direction/

RetrospectRealm712d ago

What? BvS was trash and nothing like Nolan's films. Suicide Squad was basically a crappy Guardians of the Galaxy.

-Foxtrot712d ago (Edited 712d ago )

Really? After a complaining for a year over that film why would think I don't think it's trash

They aren't like Nolans films in quality but Synder with MoS tried to make another dark, gritty, doom and gloom film and tried to make it as grounded as he could get away with but obviously with Superman that's harder compared to Batman

They tried to replicate something and it failed

Porcelain_Chicken710d ago

They are nothing like the Nolan trilogy besides being grounded. The problem with Snyder is he tries way to hard to be loud and subtle at the same time. The Jesus imagery and product placement hits you right between the eyes! His movies also feel like storyboards pieced together. Cool ideas that should have been reworked a bit for actual filming.

Soldierone710d ago

I was going your route, but the article doesn't talk about it in this regard. It's just saying WB needs to trust their directors and let them produce a film in a timely manner instead of rushing them, and then backtracking. They also need to stop producers and head WB people from stepping in and making cuts, it's not their job. Both BvS and Suicide Squad saw cuts made by the studio that hurt the end result, clearly.

alycakes711d ago

You know, I don't really care what anyone else thinks but I really liked Suicide Squad. I actually thought that it was the best DC movie since the Dark Knight trilogy because I loved those too. I saw the previews to the Wonder Woman movie and I think it's actually going to be okay. I don't know if it will be great but I it will be worth watching. I will agree on the one thing about BvS being trash and why they even made it is beyond me.....but they don't ask us permission to make these movies. It's all about money and they spent a lot of it and made a lot of it too.

Porcelain_Chicken710d ago

I really liked Suicide Squad too! Not a game changer but a fun movie nonetheless. BvS is actually growing on me, the Ultimate cut is pieced together much better than the shitty theatrical cut. Why they would release it to theaters the way they did is mind boggling! Pretty sure they cut Suicide Squad up pretty good too! :/

Soldierone710d ago

I thought both were good, but you can clearly see where someone chopped them up. Suicide Squad especially has poor pacing because someone went in with a knife and made odd cuts, totally ruining some jokes and sequences. The studio should have just trust the talent to make a good movie. If they didn't, then find a new team for the next film.

It's the difference between Marvel, DC, Sony, and Fox. Marvel lets their talent do their job, they get it approved in script form, then let them just do their job. You don't see directors complaining that Marvel makes too many cuts, because they don't intrude. Yet turn your head to Sony, Fox, DC/WB and it's a constant story. "They cut my film" "They changed this" "They did this" Even that Sony deal with Marvel, what did it include? That Sony steps back and lets the Marvel team handle it.... Why won't these studio execs learn that making the movie isn't their job.....

alycakes710d ago

I do agree with you on that but considering all that it still came out good. With what the actors had to work with you have to give them credit. Will Smith hasn't done movies that I have gone to see lately because he really hasn't been at the top of his game lately but I thought he was really pulling it off well in this movie. I could tell they cut in some places but for me that I'm not a movie maker and just a movie goer it wasn't that big of a deal.

Soldierone709d ago

Yeah I agree, don't get me wrong I clearly enjoyed Suicide Squad. I thought it was really good, I just wish I got to see the original cut before the execs went in. I bet we both would really enjoy that even more.