Outcast "What Lurks Within" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Reverend Anderson, for years, has had his faith challenged at every turn. He’s a man who’s sacrificed his life in order to vanquish evil. On the surface, it’s a wholly selfless act; he puts aside his spiritual demons so that he can deal with the literal demons in others. That selflessness has lead to him being embraced by the community, a few spray painted demons on the church aside. Here’s the thing though: the community embraces his preaching, and yet when he forces these same people to confront the idea that evil walks among them plain as day, they turn their backs on him, organizing a meeting to have him removed from the church. It’s an intriguing turn of events that gets at the heart of “What Lurks Within,” where Anderson must reckon with the very idea of how faith can both comfort and alienate.

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