The Grinder "Full Circle" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Throughout its first season, The Grinder has played with TV form and convention. But each episode was couched in a hallmark of the genre it was parodying. We got glimpses of the show within a show as a means of setting up the theme for each episode, and that largely worked, especially because The Grinder-within-The Grinder was actually pretty funny and the show so thoroughly committed to the gag. But “Full Circle” refused to couch itself in this fictional TV world, at least not as directly as it has done in the past. Sure, it played with the idea of grand finale, last minute evidence grab that is such a hallmark of these shows, but the episode never leaned on an example. Instead, it used tone and established character that had been cultivated throughout the show’s first year run to create great ending to what is one of the more ambitious seasons of TV I’ve ever seen from a freshman sitcom. “Full Circle” felt like one of the more traditional episodes in the run, and yet, it still capped off this experimental season exceptionally well.

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