This Is What Wonder Woman Looked Like In George Miller's Justice League


Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller was once upon a time in line to direct a Justice League movie for Warner Bros. That project never came to pass due to numerous reasons but today, we get a glimpse of his vision for Wonder Woman.

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WizzroSupreme975d ago

Oh man, we miss you already, Megan Gale. What a wonder that would've been.

Mr Pumblechook973d ago (Edited 973d ago )

Apart from the pic where she looks sleepy/stoned, in the main pic she looks absolutely amazing. I haven't heard of her before but what I do know is Gal Gadot can act so hopefully she'll be great in the role.

Aldous_Snow975d ago

Still would!! Gadot ain't half bad either...

-Foxtrot975d ago

Better actresses that for sure

Shame we never saw her as WW

Porcelain_Chicken974d ago (Edited 974d ago )

She looks amazing! Dat flowing hair though!

As for the suit itself. To be completely honest I'm not digging the costume. It looks like cosplay. The top looks simple and its missing either the WW or the eagle while the skirt looks incredibly simplistic. Not loving the color pallet of it either. It has the Superman Returns 'dark red/light blue thing' which I dislike. Funny enough she looks skinnier than Gadot.

gangsta_red974d ago

But she's just as skinny as a lot of people complained about Gal Gadot.

-Foxtrot972d ago

Difference is she is probably most likely to put on the muscle if it went into production

Vames967d ago

Gal Gadot has muscles though. You didn't see her while she was in the gym, clearly.

-Foxtrot967d ago

That's not muscles man, that's just really toned up skinny arms

Some women just can't put on muscle. They can tone the shit out of them but can't gain anything

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