The Flash - "The Fury of Firestorm" Review | COG

COG writes: This week, the team searches for another half for Dr. Stein while the already established secondary plots continue to thicken.

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Digital_Anomaly726d ago

I seriously love this show. Pretty cool that I get to see it filming all around town here too!

GrapesOfRaf726d ago

So many great shows being filmed in Van.

generalwinter725d ago

Yeah, if you look you can see a lot of Vancouver locations in the background.

Paulhammer726d ago

How bad do I need to catch up on this? Really bad.

RetrospectRealm726d ago

Yes, definitely do catch up. It'll be worth it. Trust me.

generalwinter725d ago

I went back and watched the ones I missed and now I really enjoy the show a lot more.

RetrospectRealm725d ago

Wow. That was fast. It definitely got good as of late. Glad you like it.

WizzroSupreme726d ago

Blew my mind into 39 different pieces!

KingPin725d ago

this show just keeps getting better. really enjoying it.

Hold_It725d ago

Did anyone else get an Evil Cole vibe from the villain on this episode?

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