TVF The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3 Review: Thank You

The title for The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 3 was “Thank You,” but I feel like I’d like to say, “No thank you,” after that major death.

Because as much as other stuff was happening with Rick and the walker herders, the biggest moment was Glenn getting his guts ripped out.

And that was just depressing.

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alycakes998d ago

I was in shock when Glen went down. It was a horrible death for someone that had fought so hard for so long to keep everyone safe. I can't believe he's gone from the picture now and Maggie will have to deal with it now.

I hope Morgan finds out that he almost got Rick killed or maybe he got him killed, we don't know we? I do know he may loose that hand of his.

RetrospectRealm998d ago

I'm pretty positive Glen didn't die. Looked like they fell down and the other dude was on top of him. The other dude got eaten and Glen will be covered in all the guts so they won't eat him.

alycakes997d ago

The only problem I have with that is that Glen's head was just right out there in the open where all the walkers could see him....They always go for the head and neck too. The first thing I told my husband was 'maybe it's the other guys guts' but then I knew they could see Glen as long as they see a living body they go for it. I just don't see how he can get out of that unless he hid under those guts really quick but even that doesn't make sense.

RetrospectRealm996d ago

I mean, yeah, this show is by no means perfect or always logical. Though it's pretty obvious that he isn't dead. A main character whose been here since the beginning wouldn't go out without any witness. And it's not like he'll come back to Alexandria as a zombie. If that is him being eaten, he'll be way too eaten up when they're done with him to come waltzing on back.

OJSoFunky997d ago

Walking Dead has been on a role so far this season, hope it doesn't fall off.

RetrospectRealm996d ago

The beginning of Season 5 is still my absolute favorite. I wish Terminus lasted more than like 1 episode.