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IGN Fargo: "Before the Law" Review

Ed (Jesse Plemons) and Peggy Blomquist (Kirsten Dunst) are playing a dangerous game on this show, and the cards seem stacked for them to lose. The unlucky couple aren't coping well after Ed murdered Rye (Kieran Culkin) in the season premiere, and though they're trying to put on a brave face, the continued and excellent use of split-screen -- a stylistic choice that's a nod to Season 2's '70s setting -- allows viewers to see how much these characters are suffering.

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WizzroSupreme968d ago

Way to go for Kirsten Dunst getting such a comeback and to Jesse Plemons for staying on such a roll lately.

RetrospectRealm968d ago (Edited 968d ago )

I just can't wait till Plemons gets a leading role in something. All his hits have been supporting characters.

Not to mention, Dunst never really left so I wouldn't really call it a comeback.