Joel McHale On A Community Movie, X-Files, Hosting The ESPYs

Esquire: Joel McHale is the lead of the cult favorite sitcom Community, the man mouthing off every Friday night on The Soup, the host of July's already-newsy ESPY awards, a guest star on the upcoming X-Files revival, and now, thanks to the advertising power of Visa Checkout, is a regular on YouTube preroll. This is all to say: big screen, small screen, smaller screen—the guy is everywhere, having what some in the entertainment industry would call "a moment."

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WizzroSupreme1263d ago

Ugh, I sure hope Community doesn't go the way of a movie adaptation. Nothing there that needs to be blown up on a big screen for two hours.

akiraburn1263d ago

For a while now the mantra/easter egg tagline in Community has been "6 Seasons And A Movie". Now that they've hit six seasons (despite NBC's best efforts to get the series cancelled), I would say that a movie could be likely at this point. For me, I personally would prefer for them to just move on to season 7, especially after how amazing season 6 was, if for no other reason than the fact that 12+ episodes offers significantly more content than a movie would.

That being said, if Dan Harmon and the crew decided to make a movie I don't think they'd do it unless they had a decent budget, a story worth telling that everyone liked, and the ability/reason to do things that they otherwise couldn't within an episodes' time and content restraints. And given the general response from the crew, the reception for this past season, and a number of other factors, I'd say that it's probable that there will be a seventh season either way this pans out.