Why You Should Be Watching Mr. Robot

USA is beginning a new chapter, in the book of their life as a cable network, tonight. At first, USA was mostly known for quirky character dramas with simple episodic plots, such as Psych and Monk. Later, they began to straddle the line between episodic and serialized with hits like Burn Notice and Royal Pains (Which, BTW, are both riffs on MacGyver, which, BTW, used to frequently air in syndication on the channel). Unfortunately, USA’s next step, in order to get darker and grittier, seemed to eschew all semblance of humor, a misstep towards breaking their former identity with series like Graceland and Covert Affairs. But now, USA has finally found the darker tone and presentation they were searching for. Tonight marks the TV premiere of Mr. Robot, a series you all should be watching.

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