Game Of Thrones : “Mother’s Mercy” Review - AVClub

AVClub: Trust is the currency of serialized television. The producers should, in an ideal situation, trust that the audience is able to follow the complex plot developments and characterization that comes from telling a long story across multiple seasons. In return, the audience should trust that the producers understand the story they’re telling, and will do their honest best to do it justice.

Trust is a complicated currency with Game Of Thrones, and has been from the beginning. It’s complicated because it means something very different for the two sides of the audience articulated by the way we’ve separated our reviews of the show. For new viewers, trust was something that could be built over the course of the first season, before being obliterated by Ned’s death—for them, Game Of Thrones became defined by their inability to trust that their favorites would be alive, and stood out as a result. But for those who had read the books, trust boiled down to something different: basically, “don’t fuck it up.”

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