Adventure Time Season 6 Ep. 38-40 Review: “You Forgot Your Floaties” “Be Sweet” “Orgalorg” - TVOM

TVOM: This week’s premiere of five new Adventure Time episodes are also the finale for Season 6, so I thought I would honor it with reviewing the episodes together. Releasing episodes in this manner often means that something big is about to happen in the Adventure Time universe, and the writers did not hesitate to make that clear in the first episode, “You Forgot Your Floaties.”

For those of you who don’t remember Betty, who is the feature character, we last saw her in Season 5 Episode 48, so it’s been about a season since she last appeared on the series. She is Simon’s girlfriend from the past. and she jumps through a portal to the present to be with the dying Simon. We find out that she has spent her time researching magic in order to learn how to release Simon from the Ice King’s crown without killing him.

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