Marvel’s Daredevil “Daredevil” Review (Episode 13) – The Hero and the Villain - TV Equals

TV Equals: At last we arrive at the finale. The culmination of 13 hours of storytelling and one of the most ambitious comic book adaptations to grace the screen since Blade set the machine in motion 17 years ago.

Executive Producer and Showrunner Steven S. DeKnight took it upon himself to write and direct this episode, and he does a splendid job with it, tying up the remaining loose ends and delivering a story that — I was surprised to find — felt rather self-contained. Of all the season’s episodes, this one feels almost like a miniature movie, delivering moments and visuals that feel straight out of a Christopher Nolan Bat-flick. Whether that makes this episode a success or failure will depend entirely on the desires and expectations of each individual audience member. For me, there’s a whole lot of hit contained herein… buuut also a little miss.

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