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CE: In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Hemsworth plays Thor, the God of Thunder. But in the latest thriller from director Michael Mann, he wields a very different kind of power. In Blackhat, Hemsworth plays a convicted hacker named Nick Hathaway, who's sprung from prison so that he can use his specific skill set to assist in a joint investigation between the FBI and the Chinese government, as they try to pull the plug on a group of blackhat hackers intent on unleashing anarchy on a global scale. Teamed with an international cast that includes Wang Leehom, Wei Tang and Viola Davis, the mission takes him from Los Angeles to the far corners of Asia — Hong Kong, Perak and Jakarta — with mixed results. On the one hand, first-time screenwriter Morgan Davis Foehl's script suffers from the same clichés that have befallen many a hacker-centric film, as well as disappointingly generic and one-dimensional villains. But on the other, it also leaves ample room for Mann's trademark firefights, which are just as gritty and visceral as they've ever been. Throw in an equally uneven audiovisual presentation and only a few scant extras, and this is one Blu-ray title that's best suited for the rental shelves, rather than your movie library.

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