Exclusive First Look: This Is Elsa on Once Upon a Time

From TIME:

When last season’s Once Upon a Time finale aired on ABC, it left fans with a burning — or, rather, freezing — question: was that woman in blue really Elsa, the snow queen of Frozen fame?

The answer, a resounding yes, came quickly. But another question took its place: who would play the live-action Elsa?

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darklordzor1601d ago

How wrong is it, that the first thought I had was that the cartoon version is prettier? Seriously, I'm thinking a cartoon is hotter than a REAL person.

Crazay1601d ago

lol. I must admit, I was thinking that this chick was cute but couldn't they have gotten cuter?

ironfist921601d ago

Natalie Dormer should've been Elsa

darklordzor1600d ago

That would have been really good!

Nolando1600d ago

maybe its cause she has such a black face right now that I prefer the cartoon version over her atm...

The Elsa from Frozen was very expressive (as was Anna) so maybe I just need to see more scenes where she is expressing more than... Blankness? lol

Of course how is a human going to be prettier than a CGI representation that has no human flaws...

Nolando1600d ago

YOU KNOW WHAT I meant to say BLANK FACE.... lol black face haha.