Should WWE Open the Network to Non-WWE Programming?

Carl Williams writes, "The recent woes of the WWE are well documented elsewhere so I won’t waste time repeating their problems here. Instead, I will focus on one option that might help them improve their adoption rate for the WWE Network service. Right now, according to various reports, the adoption rate is pretty low- not enough to realistically sustain the network by any means. There is a lot of potential with the network but it is faltering due to the programming available. This is easily fixed, if WWE will simply open the network to other wrestling companies, not necessarily ones they own or have a financial stake in either."

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StarWarsFan1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

I think they could successfully open it up if the non-WWE programming meshed well with their material, such as high-octane shows about the military or dangerous stunts.

triverse1607d ago

That is an interesting angle. I could see that going over well with fans as there is probably a lot of cross over with those areas.