X-Men Days Of Future Past: Five Best Moments

CB: Last week, X-Men: Days of Future Past finally hit theaters and, for most audiences (including the critics at Rotten Tomatoes), it’s the best X-Men movie yet.
The film wasn’t without flaws, but strong performances and a compelling plot strung together a series of awesome action sequences to make it a broadly-appealing movie that fulfilled its promise to “fix” some of the problems of X-Men: The Last Stand and set up a new status quo for X-Men: Apocalypse and beyond.
What were the best bits that writer Simon Kinberg and director Bryan Singer delivered? Well, that’s pretty subjective, but for our picks, read on…

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Alxe1505d ago

Magneto lifts the baseball field

aDDicteD1505d ago

The best moment for me was quicksilver, he stole the show.

The sentinel battles could have been better i was expecting more.

magneto chasing and fighting mystique and beast shown in a old film looks good and is second best moment i can think of.