The Walking Dead Exclusive: Southland Stalwart Michael Cudlitz Lands Pivotal Comic Book Role


Southland‘s Officer John Cooper has been promoted to Sergeant. That’s the good news. The bad news is he’s been reassigned to the zombie apocalypse!

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Crazay956d ago


Very good casting choice here and it excites me to no end to think about where this is going. Well done AMC. He is Abraham lifted right from the pages of the comic.

Lord_Sloth956d ago

This is actually when I felt the comic started going downhill and started to lose my interest.

Anthotis956d ago

Cudlitz sounds like a jew name.

Crazay956d ago

are you serious dude? Does it matter or are you a lowlife?

aDDicteD955d ago

looking forward on seeing him play abraham this season though abraham's inclusion can only mean one thing and that is the governor's arc might end some time this midseason which means a lot of shocking scenes.