Zack Whedon Writing Serenity Follow Up

Dark Horse has confirmed that Zack Whedon will be writing their follow up tp Serenity which will appear in late Jan 2014. Fans of Firefly should be delighted to know that future adventures are coming.

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alycakes1617d ago

Sounds like a good idea to me.

DarkBlood1617d ago

so its going to follow up on the movie and the tv show or just the movie?

p.s i only ever saw the movie on tv so i have no idea if the bigger fans will be confused or not if they just went and followed off the movie instead

Garethvk1617d ago

I saw the movie first them the series. The movie followed the show and set up further adventures so what was in the series setup the film, and the film setup the story in the comics.

alycakes1616d ago

I would love for them to follow up with a second movie but that's a long shot...however not completely out of the question.

tristanwerbe1616d ago

So they are finally making a new movie or tv series???

Garethvk1616d ago

Neither they are following up the film with a comic series with an approved storyline.

StarWarsFan1616d ago

I'm okay with seeing a sequel, but not overly excited either.